How can counselling help you?

Life doesn't always go to plan! We can find ourselves in situations and relationships experiencing emotions we don't understand or know how to deal with. Counselling provides time and space just for you. Time to talk through feelings,time to explore who you are and what you 


About me

I am a qualified Integrative and Holistic Psychotherapist working through The Reach Approach.www.thereachapproach

This type of therapy combines personal one to one counselling with an emphasis on self-care,compassion and self-discovery.

Relationship Counselling

The Reach Approach embraces relationship as an integral part of our inner growth and well being. Couple work can help you deal with major issues which are causing distress and discover fresh ways of understanding each other and growing together.


Sometimes we grow up with anxiety seeming to be part of who we are.Sometimes anxiety seems to come out of nowhere and affect many aspects of our daily life.

Through counselling I can help you come face to face with your fears and find new ways of coping and moving forward.

Life Changes

Bereavement,redundancy,divorce,serious illness - loss and change can affect us massively,leave us feeling depressed, angry or overwhelmed. Counselling can help you talk through YOUR feelings that are unique and personal to only you and help you find your way through.


We are often embarassed to admit that anger is a problem but this normal emotion can wreak havoc on relationships,family and working life. More often than not we are just not taught how to express what we need or shown how deal with it.Counselling can help! Looking at what you need and feel in a supported environment can help to find new ways of relating.

Sessions and costs

Each person is unique and each persons situation is different,I therefore work with you to find a counselling package to meet your needs. Short term or long term therapy is available to match your circumstances. 

I charge £40.00 per session with sessions lasting for an hour.

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